Responsive + Attentive + Proactive + Strategically Tax Aggressive + Reasonably Priced = Bennett & Company, PC

BENNETT AND COMPANY is a 12 person CPA firm located in Bloomfield Connecticut. The Company is managed by the founder and senior managers that cut their teeth at the worlds four largest international accounting firms. This is a key advantage over other local CPA firms in that the experience gained at these large CPA firms is utilized to provide the firm’s clients with incredible cutting edge tax strategies, in addition to being able to provide sophisticated business advice, planning, auditing and accounting services. Most other local firms just do not have this kind of experience, expertise, depth or firepower.

The firm’s overarching delivery of service promise is to deliver aggressive and creative tax planning and advice and to provide incredibly responsive service at reasonable prices. The service Bennett & Company delivers to its clients is as sophisticated as that of the largest firms in the Hartford area, but much more focused on aggressive tax planning, which we have found to be most business owners’ top concern.

Our fees are less than our bigger competitors, based on factors such as the fact that, for example, our rent is about 1/3 of what they pay. Our billing rates for managers with 25 years of experience, much of that with international accounting firms, tend to be the same that larger firms charge for CPAs with half of that experience and between 50% and 75% of what they charge for their senior accountants.